Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nursery Sneak Peek

When we moved into the house, we went ahead and designated one of the spare rooms to the future nursery. We kept all the loose baby items and random things in there so it was never quite presentable... which of course drove me nuts! : )

Finally!!! We're able to make up the room as an actual nursery now, one of my absolute favorite parts about getting pregnant! A decorating dream come true.. a reason to design.

As soon as we found out it was a boy, I went head first into the room getting it ready... still not quite done, but it's almost there. Atleast it's ready for him to come home.

So here is a quick sneak peek at the room so far...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wood Hanging Note Board

This little project resulted in a weekend of boredom... so what else is there to do, but a project!

We just got a new desk step up, that I haven't finished the post for yet, but I will add that soon. It's amazing and an incredible craigslist purchase. It has a lot of shelving space, but I needed a little something for the wall between our bookcases for the quick notes I just jot down and then the post it gets lost because I randomly set them down in the house to never be seen again... incredibily irritating : )

So I took a piece of old wood we had lying around from something else and cut to about the size I wanted for a little note board. Took some dark stain (dark walnut) and stained the front and sides of the piece of wood. I didn't put a coating over it as to leave it a rougher look, not like I just purchased it from Target.

After I let it dry I stapled and glued on twine wrapping it around the board pretty tight so that I could slip notes or cards behind the twine and it stay.

After that, I added a wall hook on the back and put it up.

I'm pretty pleased with it and one of the easier projects I've done.

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