Monday, March 7, 2011

Ribbons, bows, oh my!

Just another thing to add to my plate right? : ) Of course!! I definitely enjoy a little sewing. I also recently acquired an embroidery machine so I've gone nuts with it! Here are a few things I've made so far.

Also, everything I've made is for sell. I already do special orders for family, friends, etc. Feel free to contact me at

{Hair Bows}

{Burp Cloths}

{Applique Onesies}

{Pacifier Pals}

{Pacifier Clips}

{Jewelry Sets}

Just a little extra of what I do in my down time. Not that I have that much to spare, but gotta keep myself from going crazy : )


Laura said...

Beautiful!..I followed you from Adventures at Greenacre
: )

Lisa said...

These are so adorable! Can I ask how the pacifier pal works? I'm new to the baby thing : )

Ashley said...

@Lisa... it's similar to a wubbanub (you can google it). Theres a piece of ribbon sewn into the animal and snaps together so the animals can be swaddled while the baby is using their pacifier. : )

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