Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chevron Painted Pillow

I've fallen in love with the new Chevron pattern floating around in the blog world and knew I would have to find some kind of project to incorporate it. First something small, those are A LOT of zig zags going on.

So I decided an accent pillow for the couch wouldn't be so scary to tackle.

I started with one white fabric square (cut in half) that I purchased at Wal-mart for under $1.00. I picked up a cheap bottle of gray paint, $2.00, while I was there also. This product is easily under $10 if you include having to purchase the stuffing, tape and brush. Super easy!

I measured the spacing between each piece of tape to 1 inch. Just use a wider ruler if you want thick stripes.

Once I got it all taped off, I dabbed on the paint pretty thick to make sure a second coat wasn't needed. If it dries too thick, then it can always be sanded down a little.

My words of wisdom, let it dry! I always jump the gun on this part and really regret it later when either the furniture, dog or I am covered in little paint streaks. It really never fails. My husband always knows when I've been working on something when he comes home to a paint crime scene.

Stuff it and sew it up!

Heres the finished product. I really LOVE this pattern and intend on trying it on our curtains in the bonus room... fingers crossed!


Maggie said...

this turned out great! love the gray/white combo.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

That is a lot of taping - totally worth it. It looks great!

Kaytie @ GardenKitchenHome said...

I can't get enough of grey chevrons! Beautiful!

Courtney @ {not so homemade} said...

I would have never guessed you painted that! GORGEOUS!

Thanks for linking up to What's New Wednesdays! I hope you'll stop by and link up more amazing stuff on today's What's New Wednesday!

Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

Nice job. I tried stenciling a chevron pillow but it didn't turn out how I hoped. Until I try again, I bought some to hold me over.

Cassidy said...

Turned out awesome! Totally in love with this! Thanks for sharing!!

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