Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nursery Bedrooom Makeover

This post is well over do considering our little one is now a whopping 22 months! Everyone said it would go by so quickly but OH MY GOD! I ask him everyday to quit growing, but I don't think he's in agreement with me. Now after 22 months, I've gotten the itch to redo his room soon... into a "Big Boy" room.

My goal: hold off on a "big boy" room and bed until he's actually climbing out of the crib. So far we're good - knock on wood! Fingers are crossed that it doesn't dawn on him to just hike his leg up a little higher and go for it.

As far as this room, we did quite a few projects...

1. Replaced ceiling fan
2. Had the tree mural done on the wall
3. Made the animal canvas prints
4. Fabric bird appliques for the tree
5. Paper mache letter
6. Chalkboard labeled baskets

Bedroom BEFORE:

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TheKimSix Fix said...

So pretty. I love the browns and the blues! Nice Job!

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