Thursday, January 16, 2014

Easy Chevron Picture Art

Only one word here ladies and gents. Target. 

This place is amazing, my knock-off Pottery Barn. I am incapable of walking in there and coming out empty handed. I'll admit that I'm bad about walking in to grab toilet paper and come out 2 hours later sans toilet paper, with 5 dinosaurs from the dollar section for my son, cardigan I already have in 3 other colors and a clearanced item I don't need, but have convinced myself I'll use it for something. Surely I'm not the only sucker to this heavenly place, am I?

A few months ago I came across a section of large frames knocked down to $4 each. With the amount of ideas I instantly had for them, I couldn't resist. So I snagged 2 of them. Almost regretting I didn't get more at that price; but seriously, I don't need them. I can say I have some restraint. :)

I ended up walking around the house for about 30 minutes with my 2 year old trailing behind, placing these up on the walls where I thought they'd go best. He didn't like a single spot. He was pretty consistent with the no's. Go figure. The kid has the choice between yes and no, you'll get a no 90% of the time. I mean, 99%. Ahhh... Toddlerhood.

You can't beat having that monkey jabbering through the house with you though. I'll turn him into a DIYer before long... bringing him to the dark side. :)

Once I decided on the master bedroom, I pulled out some old scrapbook paper and a ruler to throw on some chevron lines for a pattern.

I cut out the first section and repeated it down the sheet. Then I cut out the white pattern pieces and just glued them to my main background color. Pretty easy right?

Once I finally got them situated, it was time to pull out my ninja skills. Holding these in place while I put the glass on. Easier solution? Just tape it. I promise you won't look as ridiculous.

These little frame makeovers cost me just $8 total

I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the 3 clashing patterns at the moment. We'll see if they grow on me or get the better of my OCD after a few weeks. :) 

The lamps are definitely staying. They're one of my biggest steals thus far. They were $100 at Hobby Lobby for FOREVER. Every visit I made, I'd make a discrete walk by just to check on them. Of course, giving myself enough time to talk myself out of buying them. That much for a lamp was down right insane. So I left a little piece of my heart there every time. Then one day, I happened to make a stop through the clearance section and there they were! My beautiful lamps, only 2 left, it was a sign and marked down to $40. Was $40 a little much? Yes, but I had waited patiently for this moment and no way was I leaving there without them. Plus, after doing a little research on lamps and shades that were similar, it pretty much evened out. 

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Leah {Grace Lee Cottage} said...

Looks fabulous! I want to add a little chevron somewhere in our house. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great day!

Gazebo and Bali Hut Super Store said...

Can I pick one of your styles? I adored how this Chevron picture art works. I love how the frame synchronizes on the wall paint and the bed, how about the lamp? Clever!

Sebastian Chuter

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