Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Make a Fleece Tied Blanket

In reference to my previous post "Make Fleece Blankets for Cancer Patients", here are some step by step instructions I thought I'd put together for everyone, especially if it's your first time, : ) like me. It might take awhile.

{Materials Needed}
2 pieces of 1 yard fleece (your choice of color combination)
3x3 cardboard piece
Measuring tape

{Step 1}
Lay out your first yard piece on a large flat surface like the floor. Then place your second yard piece ontop of the first piece, lining up 2 sides making them even. You'll have to cut off any excess material so that both pieces are the same size.

{Step 2}
Cut off the excess edges and throw away. Don't fret!! The material with move around and come "unaligned", but you can just adjust, it doesn't have to be perfect.

{Step 3}
Once both pieces are fit, place you 3x3 carboard piece on EACH corner of the place setting; cutting out the corner. This sets up the strips we're going to cut.


{Step 4}
Take your measuring tape and measure in 1 inch intervals along the side. These one inch intervals are where you're going to cut along the fabic to make the strands to tie. I cut down to about the same length of the 3x3 piece. See pictures.

{Step 5}
Once you've cut your strips - making sure to stay aligned as well as possible - knot each strand. You can choose to square knot or double knot so they don't come apart in the washer.

{Step 6}
Once all the ends are tied, you're done! Good job!!

* {Note} When you're cutting the strips, test the material and see which 2 sides the material gives on. The side that material stretches with, cut the strips a little larger because they'll pull then when you go to tie the knots.

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