Friday, January 21, 2011

Our furry vacuum named Nick

If you've ever had a puppy, you know what I'm about to vent about : ). This dog will chew and eat anything!! Currently I'm trying to force myself to wear my favorite sweater... forcing because the dog/vacuum decided to eat half the cuff and it's driving me nuts. He's eaten everything from clothing to the tape dispenser. Anyone have any advice? I've read that they get bored with toys and need them changed out on a regular basis so I've tried to keep a variety for him and switching them out, but then I find him with a shirt he's pulled out of the CLEAN laundry basket.

This boy has also learned to take advantage of the toilet water when we accidently leave the seat up. He's also mastered the task of getting into the pantry and randomly brings me potatoes. He's out of control. He's roughly 1 now so I'm not exactly sure how much longer this "puppy" phase will last. Any suggestions, ideas? Anything!? : ) Don't get me wrong, I love him like no other and definitely couldn't imagine not having him.

I'll end with a nice little picture of one of his little habits he gets in trouble for : )

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