Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Half Wall Makeover}

When we moved in, there was this fantastic "in the way" half wall as you walk in the front door... hehe. I prefered not to have it there, it added dead space to the living room so when we decided to remove it, started with the baseboards and turns out the hard wood was only put down to the halfwall, so guess what.....  you got it, it stayed.

It had a wooden ledge on top which of course was the wooden finish and was just an eye sore to me. It was the first mismatched thing you saw when you walked in the room. Well maybe it was just me : ), but that counts right? 

It didn't blend in with the room so I wanted to do something. Here is how it looked before...

So I used the color of the trim to match it up and here's how it looks after...

I love it!! It looks so much better and I don't have this big mismatched wall staring at me every time I walk in the room.

Give yourself a pat on the back Ashley.... : ). It's a miracle how just some touch up paint can make something look 10 times better.

What do you all think?


doubler702 said...

Well it does look better than it did and that's what it's all about. Good job! I like your blog and I am following you now.

Ashley said...

Thanks. Will follow yours as well.

Ashlee said...

Love love love! Silly how something that's so simple makes a world of difference!!

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